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Acknowledgements Introduction: participative public, passive private? 1. Colonial theatre, inner audiences 2. Drama in early on Republican audiences 3. The B'hoys in Jacksonian theaters 4. Knowledge and the decline of audience reign 5. Matinee ladies: re-gendering theater audiences 6. Blackface, whiteface 7. Variety, strong drink and lust 8. Vaudeville, integrated 9. 'Legitimate' and 'illegitimate' house round the turn of star games free the century 10. The celluloid present : Nickelodeon audiences 11. Storefronts to theaters: seeking the midsection class 12. Voices from the quintessence : early on wireless hearing 13. Radio cabinets and network chains 14. Rural radio: 'we ar seldom lonely anymore' 15. Fears and dreams: public discourses nearly wireless 16. The natural philosophy water flea : mid-fifties television system 17. A TV in all place : television 'effects' 18. Home video: viewer self-direction? 19. Conclusion: from personal effects to underground and on the far side Appendix: accessibility, affordability, admission terms Notes Selected bibliography Index.

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