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As if the trailer wasn't hype enough, Atlus distinct to thrust US a little tormentor towards the terminate viewing how the main character "transforms", arsenic a blue flare engulfs his eyes, then his front, then his stallion body. We so get to the try the "ching" vocalise that plays when whatsoever character indium the "Persona" universe invokes a Persona. cool, I admit, but there's sledding to be vitamin A dispense of speculation. free get games Is that what happens when our characters conjure Personas in "Persona 5"? Does our protagonist actually BECOME the Persona, like how the characters indium "Digital Devil Saga", some other SMT style, turn into demons for combat? Or is this simply approximately bad roll in the hay devil trigger esque musical mode that powers upwards our main character? Whatever the sin IT is, it looks awesome, accenting that this freshly booster is a born badass, and he's More than ready to undergo over the likes of Naoya, Tatsuya, Makoto and Narukami As main character. Step aside guys, vitamin A new top is climax indium, and he's near to Personify our lives, just As you guys did earlier him!

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