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Usage of the gage indium the United States peaked on July 15, and past mid-September, had doomed 79% of its players there. Forbes aforesaid "the vaguely curious stopped performin and the Thomas More pledged players ran up against A fairly unsatisfying endgame". In October 2016, Niantic released a Halloween-themed event, which saw a surge in tax revenue upward to 133% As reportable past Sensor Tower, placing the game back to top off of the charts of download games free highest grossing apps. It was reported that the bet on earned approximately $23.3 million between October 25 and 29, upwards from around $10 million between October 18 and 22. By February 2017, the stake has been downloaded more than 650 zillion times world-wide, with a reportable $1 billion in revenue successful, becoming the quickest Mobile back ever to do sol. By June 2017, the game was downloaded Sir Thomas More than 750 million multiplication, with an estimated revenue of $1.2 one thousand million reported to Apptopia. According to mobile app research firm Apptopia, around 60 trillion users were quieten playing the game a year after launch. In May 2018, The Pokemon Company announced that the gage reached o'er 800 million downloads worldwide. Forbes estimated that the gage may have come close to 900 trillion downloads by September 2018. The top five countries where information technology has accepted the most downloads are the United States (21%), Brazil (9.3%), India (8.6%), Mexico (5.5%), and Indonesia (5%). As of February 2019, the game has been downloaded by over 1 one thousand million populate worldwide.

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